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Vane (Credits)

Friend & Foe

Ivar DahlbergDeveloper
Rasmus DeguchiDeveloper
Thomas LiljaDeveloper
Victor SantaquiteriaDeveloper
Matt Smith (III)Developer
Johannes VarmedalDeveloper
Christian WellboDeveloper
Alex MathewDeveloper
Gabriel PalaDeveloper
Aitor GastonDeveloper
Eduardo FornielesDeveloper
Robert Johnson (II)Developer
Cezar De Almeida JohanssonDeveloper

Plastic Fern Studios

Jay FernandesTesting Director
Margot MichaudTest Specialist
Pole To Win IndiaWith help from (Support Company)
Pablo Gismero CalvoLocalization
Brian GrayLocalization
Alessandra De LucaLocalization
Genevieve Marier-HowardLocalization
Hiroyuki MatsushitaLocalization
Andreas WollnyLocalization

Sony Interactive Entertainment America

Shawn BensonDigial Portfolio Manager
Gio CorsiSenior Director, Developer Relations
John Drake (II)Global Director, Portfolio Management
John KoppPartner Alliance Manager
Derek PipalRelease Manager
John SandersManaging Producer, Third Party Production
Brian SilvaSenior Account Executive, Development Relations
Andrew WongPartner Alliance Manager

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

Nick RookeDirector, Developer Relations & Strategic Content
Myles DonaldProduct & Business Developer, Strategic Content
David Brown (V)Games Analyst

Friend & Foe

Shahid Kamal AhmadSpecial Thanks
Ben AndacSpecial Thanks
Lorenzo GrimaldiSpecial Thanks
Rui GuerreiroSpecial Thanks
Theo LiljaSpecial Thanks
Alex MaySpecial Thanks
Sagar PatelSpecial Thanks
Nick SuttnerSpecial Thanks
Keiko TatsumiSpecial Thanks
Manuel Camino MárquezSpecial Thanks
Sabine RösgrenSpecial Thanks
Fredrik SegerfalkSpecial Thanks
Mio TanakaSpecial Thanks
Propellerheads SofrwareSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Maria NovisovaSpecial Thanks
Kerry TurnerSpecial Thanks
Jason PageSpecial Thanks
Peter PimleySpecial Thanks
Andy JenkinsSpecial Thanks
Richard UnderhillSpecial Thanks
Andy MilsomSpecial Thanks



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Released: 2019

Vane is an atmospheric adventure about unraveling the secrets of an unknown land, finding your place in it, and pulling at the threads of the world to make a change. The shifting sands glimmer with meaning, ancient...