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Velocity 2X (Credits)


James MarsdenGame Director
Kirsty RigdenProducer
Hussain SheikhTechnical Director
Kirsty RigdenLead Designer
Chris GoffLead Artist
David GabrielLead QA
Kristy RigdenProduction
James MarsdenProduction
David GabrielProduction
James MarsdenGame Design
Kristy RigdenGame Design
Kirsty RigdenLevel Design
James MarsdenLevel Design
David GabrielLevel Design
Andy YellandEngine Programming
Hussain SheihkEngine Programming
Hussain SheikhGameplay Programming
Edward EarlGameplay Programming
Robin JubberGameplay Programming
Jack LangGameplay Programming
Jack LangInterface Programming
Edward EarlInterface Programming
Edward EarlTools Programming
Jack LangTools Programming
Hussain SheikhVisual Effects Programming
Chris GoffArt Direction
James MarsdenArt Direction
Chris GoffEnvironment Art
Callum RobertsEnvironment Art
Jack HamiltonCutscene Art
Chris GoffCutscene Art
Jack HamiltonAnimation
Callum RobertsAnimation
Chris GoffAnimation
Callum RobertsLevel Dressing
Chris GoffLevel Dressing
Jack HamiltonLevel Dressing
Callum RobertsVisual Effects
Chris GoffVisual Effects
Chris GoffUI

Sprung Studios

Graphic Design
James ChaytorGraphic Design
Patrick GreenGraphic Design
Josh AllenGraphic Design


Robin JubberStory
James MarsdenStory
Jack HamiltonStory
Chris GoffStory
Giles ArmstrongStory
Philip WildingStory
Giles ArmstrongStory Development
Alpha CRGLocalisation (Support Company)
Joris De ManMusic
James MarsdenMusic
Joris De ManSound Effects
James MarsdenSound Effects
David GabrielQuality Assurance
Dean KnightQuality Assurance
Alice LiangQuality Assurance
Shahid AhmadSpecial Thanks
Lorenzo GrimaldiSpecial Thanks
Ben AndacSpecial Thanks
Agostino SimonettaSpecial Thanks
Fred DuttonSpecial Thanks
Alessandro BovenziSpecial Thanks
Guy RichardsSpecial Thanks
...and everyone else that contributed!


Velocity 2X

90 /100

Released: 2014

This critically acclaimed sequel to Velocity Ultra weaves together two classic game formats into one seamless adventure, featuring puzzle-platforming action alongside award-winning top-down shoot ‘em-up gameplay!