Viewtiful Joe 2

Joe and Silvia are back in this sequel to Viewtiful Joe. This time you have more style, new special moves, and more than 40 new enemies to defeat. Now Joe's trusty aircraft transforms into various shapes to support his activities through...

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Viewtiful Joe 2 is an incessantly fun, side-scrolling brawler. Silvia's combat system, and some of the boss fights, could have used more fine-tuning, but the challenging AI, deep combat, and neat, stylized visuals massively outweigh the negative points. Few achievements in video games are as rewarding and satisfying as walking out of a room, that was full of enemies, with the coveted Rainbow V in Viewtiful Joe, which is why I can see myself revisiting VJ and VJ2 time and again, for years to come.

Positive points
  • 1. Challenging AI and a large roster of multiple enemy types.
  • 2. Deep combat system with a low skill threshold and a high skill ceiling.
  • 3. Unique and unforgettable premise, visuals, and sound effects.
  • 4. The grading system dramatically increases the replay value.
Negative points
  • 1. Apart from her role in solving occasional puzzles, Silvia does not offer anything that Joe does not do better; there is very little incentive to switch to her character throughout the majority of the game.
  • 2. Some boss fights are repetitive and longer than they needed to be.


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