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My thoughts on Watch Dogs [6.0/10]

RoleplayeR created

Finally had the time to finish the game so here's a review. The game had incredible potential but failed miserably in too many important aspects to be good. What I liked about the game: -Setting. It's awesome, ctOS is incredible, deadsec, rogue hackers, usual gangsters and "all_controlling_corporations", all that blends great in this partic...

JustLukas Review [9.0/10]

JustLukas created

At first, I didn't fall in love with Watch Dogs. Hacking and puzzles felt gruesome and not fun, driving was just terrible, and craft items too bothersome to use. This game definitely has a longer learning curve than most sandbox games. However, after you get used it everything mentioned, and you learn crucial game mechanics, it starts to be incr...