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WCW Nitro (Credits)

Inland Productions

Mike CihakDesign
D. Scott WilliamsonDesign
Arnie BoedeckerDesign
Mike CihakProducer
D. Scott WilliamsonProgramming
Darin PetersenProgramming
Darin PetersenTools Programming
Tony RodTools Programming
Arnie BoedeckerCharacter Animation
Andy SzaflarskiCharacter Animation
Andy SzaflarskiCharacter Modeling
Jamie LearnedArena Modeling
Mike CroninAdditional Arena Modeling
Ed ReckAdditional Arena Modeling
Ed ReckMenu Artwork
Arnie BoedeckerMenu Artwork
Mike CroninMenu Artwork
Arnie BoedeckerVideo Editing
Mike CihakSound & Music
Matt Scott (I)Sound & Music


Donn NauertExecutive Producer
Sanders KeelAssociate Producer
Jason LewisTesting
Erik van RooyTesting
Erick FernandezTesting
Skot TravisTesting
Mia StichTesting
John ArdellProduct Manager
Mike WeberSpecial Thanks
Tom HuntSpecial Thanks


WCW Nitro

Released: 1997

Go for the gold, as you take on the Superstars of WCW and the NWO in Singles, Tag Team or Battle Royale competition! Set the stage - Fight in arenas from WCW's biggest events, including WCW Monday Nitro, Starrcade,...