For a short while after the events of No Regrets For The Future, life returned to normality for the protagonist and Grendel Jinx. However, with William making an unwanted return from the Happy Glowstick Funtime Re-education Camp, everything starts becoming more complicated for Grendel as she has to contend with final school exams, her parents divorcing, and an unwanted new stepsister.

The protagonist is naturally dragged into these affairs as he/she has to contend with an assassination attempt by Grendel's father, being abducted by Grendel's mother, an increasingly hostile (to The Council Of The Unseen) secretary and a debauched boss, culminating in the protagonist being forced to destroy The Council Of The Unseen, by using their own weapons against them.

Spanning five years from the end of No Regrets to the start of The Spy Of America And The Long Vacation, this episode concludes the main prequel arc - with a bang

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Single player
Adventure, Indie, Visual Novel
Action, Comedy, Drama
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