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What Remains of Edith Finch (Credits)

Giant Sparrow

Ian DallasCreative Director
Joshua SarfatyTechnical Director
Chelsea HashLead Technical Artist
Brandon MartynowiczLead Artist
Chris BellLead Designer
Michael KwanTechnical Designer
Evan RogersGameplay Programmer
Dan HollingsworthEngineer
Thomas HuynhAnimator
Sam RosenthalTechnical Designer
Jonathan HamelDesigner / Programmer
Shawn KuangProgrammer
Johann LyAudio + Unlockables Programmer
Cory DavisEnvironment Artist¨
Kristen AltamiranoEnvironment Artist¨
Greg PriorEnvironment Artist¨
Theo AretosConcept Artist
Dan ValvoConcept Artist
Holly Rothrock2D Artist
Michael FallikProducer
Alvin NelsonProducer
Steve GreenLead Sound Designer
Jeff RussoMusic Composer
Eduardo OrtizAdditional Sound Design
Andrew OdellaQA Lead
Ben EspositoDesign Consultant
Keith GuerretteAdditional VFX
Melissa FussAdditional Rigging
Avi YeyniAdditional Animation
Erica PintoAdditional Animation
Ji QiAdditional Programming
Tom BissellAdditional Writing

Annapurna Interactive

Megan EllisonAnnapurna Interactive
Nathan GaryAnnapurna Interactive
Neale HemrajaniAnnapurna Interactive
Jeff LegaspiAnnapurna Interactive
Jordan MarksAnnapurna Interactive
Deborah MarsAnnapurna Interactive
James MasiAnnapurna Interactive
Hector SanchezAnnapurna Interactive
Ben CervenyPlaytester
Eileen HollingerPlaytester
Brian ChasalowPlaytester
Robin HunickePlaytester
Peter AngstadtPlaytester
Brendon ChungPlaytester
Greg KasavinPlaytester
Sam BarlowPlaytester
Nick ClarkPlaytester
Michael HighlandPlaytester
Brendan KeoghPlaytester
Rekka BellumPlaytester
Devine Lu LinvegaPlaytester
James CosgrovePlaytester
William HambyPlaytester
Seth KillianPlaytester
Daniel BenmerguiPlaytester
Orsi SpanyolPlaytester
Neil DruckmannPlaytester
Lucas PopePlaytester
Joshua BoggsPlaytester
Jennifer HazelPlaytester
Nina FreemanPlaytester
Davey WredenPlaytester
Harry LeePlaytester
Chris RemoPlaytester
Marc Ten BoschPlaytester
Jane NgPlaytester
Ricky HaggettPlaytester
Dick HoggPlaytester
Richard LemarchandPlaytester
Jake RodkinPlaytester
Hanford LeMoorePlaytester
Geert NellenPlaytester
Isaac WongPlaytester
Dino PattiPlaytester
Karla ZimonjaPlaytester
Jenova ChenSpecial Thanks

Giant Sparrow

Kevin HerreraSpecial Thanks
Dino PattiSpecial Thanks
Peter ScaturroSpecial Thanks
Jim ShepardSpecial Thanks
Monty MuddSpecial Thanks
Hokyo LimSpecial Thanks
Eric FongSpecial Thanks
Sam BirdSpecial Thanks
Chacko SonnySpecial Thanks
Chad CoxSpecial Thanks
Santa Monica StudioSpecial Thanks (Support Company)

What Remains of Edith Finch

86 /100

Released: 2017

What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of short stories about a cursed family in Washington State.

Each story offers a chance to experience the life of a different family member with stories ranging from the...