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White Knight Chronicles

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Genre: Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: PlayStation 3

White Knight Chronicles is a JRPG at heart with an MMO-style battle system, which has the player waiting for a timer to fill up before they can select an ability; they can move around freely however. While the game isn't without flaws, the optimal way of playing this game is to purchase the 2nd installment as every copy of the sequel includes WKC1 in its entirety on 1 disc, completely remastered and tweaked to fix annoying bug... Read More

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Leonard works at Rapacci Wines in the City of Balandor, when he meets the new guy/gal (your created, mute, character). They get sent to fetch a shipment for the princess' 18th birthday, and meet other characters along the way. When they return to the castle, all hell has broken loose in Balandor, and Leonard discovers a power that no man could ever imagine: The White Knight.

Then the princess is captured and you must save her.