Time until White Knight Chronicles release!

Already released in Japan [JP] on PlayStation 3

RegionTime leftPlatform
Japan [JP]PlayStation 3
North America [NA]PlayStation 3
Australia [AU]PlayStation 3
Europe [EU]PlayStation 3



White Knight Chronicles is a JRPG at heart with an MMO-style battle system, which has the player waiting for a timer to fill up before they can select an ability; they can move around freely however. While the game isn't without flaws, the optimal way of playing this game is to purchase the 2nd installment as every copy of the sequel includes WKC1 in its entirety on 1 disc, completely remastered and tweaked to fix annoying bugs. While not the most popular RPG, what fans it does have LOVE it. Do not listen to mainstream review sites about this game, as it is more than likely not a correct representation of what the game is like (IGN's review is massively inaccurate at points. Just look at the like/dislike ratio of the YouTube video.) The story is decent with a good few twists that aren't the least predictable in the world, but are still not all that shocking if you have a keen eye on the plot. What is interesting about the plot is that it is set on the backdrop of "world is going to end", however your party only focuses on the goal of saving a damsel in distress (and saving the world as a bonus.)

One important factor to consider if you are going to (for some reason) buy just the first installment- the story ends on a giant cliffhanger that remains unresolved until the sequel.