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Wild 9 (Credits)

Shiny Entertainment

David PerryTall Man & President
Stuart RochProducer
Tom TanakaLead Game and Level Designer
Kevin MunroeCreative Direction and Animation
Gavin JamesLead Programmer
Didier MalenfantProgramming Talent
Malachy DuffinProgramming Talent
Gregg TavaresProgramming Talent
Erik DraqesetArtist Extrordinare
Jean-Michel RinquetArtist Extrordinare
Klaus LyngeledArtist Extrordinare
Lloyd MurphyArtist Extrordinare
Erik DraqesetLevel Design and Layout
Lori PerkinsLevel Design and Layout
Rich NevesLevel Design and Layout
Stuart RochLevel Design and Layout
Tom TanakaLevel Design and Layout
Kevin MunroeCharacters & Story Designer and Developer
Tom TanakaOriginal Premise
Big Grub Team
John AlvaradoProgramming Talent
Mike WinfieldProgramming Talent
Ron NakadaProgramming Talent
Brandon HumphriesArtist Extrordinare
Neil HongArtist Extrordinare
Tommy TallaricoMusic & Sound
Joey KurasSound Engineer
Sascha DikiciyanAdditional Music


Wild 9

Released: 1998

Wild 9 is a 2D platformer with 3D graphics, featuring gameplay similar in vein to the company's Earthworm Jim games. Unique to the game is the The Rig, a weapon the protagonist wields. The Rig functions like an...