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Winterflame : The Other Side

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Genre: Adventure, Indie, Platform, Puzzle

Platforms: SteamOS

Go against all odds with Lev, the handicapped boy, in this twistedly beautiful puzzle adventure game. Please look further on our Kickstarter Page: Have you ever felt that humans are so mundane because we have no magic? Have you envied the magical creatures and their abilities to control the elements of nature? We believe you do, and that is how Lev feels about himself, too. Being the only Human living i... Read More

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You are playing as Lev, a Human boy who was taught that people like Raina are evil magical race. This precept among Humans seemed to be confirmed when the their army invaded your city, inflicting on you two dire losses at once: your family and your left hand. Yet the ones who helped you and took you under their wings were a family of their kind. Raina, the daughter in the family, had never been but patient with your recovery and adaptation in your new life. It never mattered to you that you never fit in, that somehow other magical people still gave you goosebumps and reminded you of the dreadful invasion, as long as Raina was by your side. But Raina has gone, swallowed by the growing darkness inside the Forbidden Forest. Her people decided to wait and consult the silent gods, whereas you know you might lose her forever if you do not act NOW.

You have to venture into the Forest, the Ruins, the Heights, the Waterarc, and the Cradle of Life--all of which have intricate puzzles to hold off anyone who dares to enter. In this journey, you will find magic in the most unlikely place; You will find gods' hand in the least expected form.

Now that all hope is in your hand, will you be strong enough to bring Raina back against all odds?