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Go against all odds with Lev, the handicapped boy, in this twistedly beautiful puzzle adventure game.

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Have you ever felt that humans are so mundane because we have no magic? Have you envied the magical creatures and their abilities to control the elements of nature? We believe you do, and that is how Lev feels about himself, too. Being the only Human living in a society of magical creatures, Lev, lives his life as an outcast and has no friend but Raina. When Raina disappeared, Lev wasted no time to find her... into the forbidden forest.

We aim to tell a heartwarming story and reveal a magical world through our game, a medium to deliver a powerful narrative. How would a boy react through the loss of his loved one and eventually gain confidence with his new power? Could he embrace the truth behind the catastrophe that changes his life? You will find it on Winterflame.