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Wizardry 8 (Credits)

Sir-Tech Canada

Linda CurrieProducer
Brenda BathwaiteGame Design
Linda CurrieGame Design
Alex MedunaGame Design
Charles MilesGame Design
Chris CamfieldAdditonal Game Design
Alex ParlourAdditonal Game Design
Ian CurrieAdditonal Game Design
Steven Taylor (II)Additonal Game Design
Derek BelandLead Engineer
Alex MedunaLead Game Systems Programmer
Alex ParlourProgrammer
Steven Taylor (II)Programmer
Chris CamfieldProgrammer
Andrew EmmonsProgrammer
Mark FournierAdditional Programmer
Henning HoffmanAdditional Programmer
Dave FrenchAdditional Programmer
Gilles BeauparlantAdditional Programmer
James FerrisLead Level Artist
Kris EgglestonLead Level Artist
Richard DancauseLevel Artist
Jade JonesLevel Artist
Norm OlsenLevel Artist
Yu-Hsiang TsengLevel Artist
Andrew StaceyAdditional Level Texture
Joey WhelanAdditional Level Texture
Eric BelisleAdditional Level Texture
Richard DuncauseLead Character / Item Modeler
Lee HanemanAdditional Character Modeling
Andrew StaceyCharacter Textures
Eric BelisleAdditional Character Textures
Joey WhelanAdditional Character Textures
Lee HanemanCharacter Animations
Jade JonesCharacter Animations
Scot LovingAdditional Character Animations
Jade JonesSpell Effect Animations
Andrew Stacey2D Art & Interface
Joey Whelan2D Art & Interface
Eric BelisleAdditional Art
Dimitri JoannidesPreliminary Concept Art
Brenda BrathwaiteStory
Charles MilesAdditional Story
Brenda BathwaitheNPC Scripting & Dialogue
Charles MilesPC Dialogue & Writing
Brenda BathwaithePC Dialogue & Writing
Linda CurrieAdditional PC Dialogue & Writing
Charles MilesMonster & Item Wrangling
Ian CurrieAdditional Production
Kevin MantheiOriginal Music Score
George BrookAdditional Music (Intro)
George BrookSound Design
Robin DumasAdditional Sound Design
Colin SchlachtaAdditional Sound Design
Richard DuncauseSound Placement
Shaun LyngVoice Direction
Marc BourbonnaisStudio Technician
John BrantonDialoge Editing
Felix LeungLead Alpha Tester
Terry BroseLead Beta Tester
Jason ParlourInternal Tester
Jason HickmanInternal Tester
Chris CamfieldInternal Tester
Ian CurrieInternal Tester
Linda CurrieInternal Tester
Richard DancauseInternal Tester
Lee HanemanInternal Tester
Jade JonesInternal Tester
Roddie KieleyInternal Tester
Shaun LyngInternal Tester
Alex ParlourInternal Tester
Andrew StaceyInternal Tester
Jeff Stone (I)Internal Tester
Cheryl CunninghamDialoge Verification
David DeMilleExternal Tester
Rick RiceExternal Tester
Mary Jo DiBellaExternal Tester
Walter PhillipsExternal Tester
Tom LinkenbackExternal Tester
Robert CummingsExternal Tester
Steve GoldsteinExternal Tester
Michel GingrasExternal Tester
Jeff CampbellExternal Tester
Troy BrownExternal Tester
Aaron McCaffreyExternal Tester
Guy RochetteExternal Tester
Penney MayExternal Tester
Bryan BirkremExternal Tester
Jim McDonnellExternal Tester
Benjamin BessExternal Tester
Jeremy JanishewskiExternal Tester
Mike GazlayExternal Tester
Barry GelfandExternal Tester
Carlos RocchettiExternal Tester
Robert JoseyExternal Tester
Jon KruppExternal Tester
Matt Del VecchioExternal Tester
Darin MeadTechnical Support
Jeff Stone (I)Website Design
Charyl CunninghamAdministration

Wizardry 8

80 /100

Released: 2001

The universe is in the throes of violent upheaval and change. Vast and mysterious forces are preparing for the final confrontation. A small group of heroes from distant lands must plunge into the heart of the...