Wolfenstein RPG Press kit


id Software Inc.

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iOS / Mobile




Wolfenstein RPG is a first-person shooter and role-playing video game developed by id Software and Fountainhead Entertainment, released in September 2008 for mobile phones and in May 2009 for iOS. In 2013 the game was removed from App Store.

The gameplay follows the recipe from Doom RPG as it is shown in the first person while being a turn-based role-playing game rather than a shooter and puts emphasis on the plot. Combat and movement are turn-based, allowing the player time to select their responses in combat. The player turns at 90 degree angles and moves space by space. One step or action by the player allows all other characters in the area to take one step or action themselves. The game takes advantage of its deliberately slow pace, encouraging players to take their time and check out every little corner, read the books on every bookshelf, and destroy all the furniture to see if anything is hidden within. Levels include underground passages and weapon development laboratories plus a level involving a moving vehicle.

The game also includes two mini games: the card game War as well as Chicken Kicking, where the player is awarded points for kicking a chicken into a score area.



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