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DiogoMoratoMagalhães Review [5.0/10]

DiogoMoratoMagalhães created

I really felt like this could have an amazing story that ended up being incredibly linear and not very well explored. There is no character development to explain any of the relationships and so many of the potential good ones are thrown out the window. I don't understand how people rate this as highly as Metro...

meisquawks Review [10.0/10]

meisquawk created

This game looks great and beautifully designs a universe in which the Nazi's won WW2 and have taken over the world. The developers of this game do everything they can to fully immerse you into this environment, using music to get you into the mood for either an emotional cut-scene or for full rampage mode in a fight. The characters are also spot...

SelimDemircis Review [9.0/10]

SelimDemirci created

Wolfenstein son yıllarda çıkmış en güzel oyunlardan biri, harika bir hikayesi var, ayrıca ara videolar çok iyi hazırlanmış, oyun gereksiz görevlerle sizi uğraştırmıyor hikayeye başlıyorsunuz ve aynı hisle bitiriyorsunuz diyebilirim. bir tek sıkıntı şu ki elinizdeki silahları envanteri çok iyi kullanmalısınız, yerde ne gördüyseniz toplamalısınız,...

Darthbader333s Review [9.0/10]

Darthbader333 created

This game is really great and better than the second one and i really like it

The Best Singleplayer Campaign since Half-Life 2 [9.6/10]

mooki created

When the menu starts up, an army of distorted guitars and horns blaring surrounds you. The music in this game rocks. The highlight of this entire game is the characters. I gave a shit more about these characters than I do in most movies I watch. The game is immersive and makes you really feel sorrow when someone dies, happiness when your charact...