Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Reviews

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Nazi Zombies! [0.0/10]

sighalot created

Just like the base game Old Blood is a high quality single player narrative, it's does a good job at that. no nonsense multiplayer, loot boxes and what not +1 Not a ton of innovation from New Order, i do like the Pipe though which is a pretty iconic weapon and the added climbing mechanic was pretty neat. I somehow didn't expect it to turn...

DiogoMoratoMagalhães Review [6.0/10]

DiogoMoratoMagalhães created

Slightly better than The Old Order but falls on some of the same mistakes. At least 2 potential relationships are completely not explored and things seems rushed. This is not a story driven game its just a shooter the narrative is only there to guide you from fight to fight. The game benefits from a proper "ending" though considering it is a pr...