Woodbound Press kit


Woodbound is an action-adventure game set in a beautiful stylized world currently in development by Smallheart Studios.

The player will assume the responsibilities of the leader of a tribe vying for safety and livelihood in the wilderness. Starting alone, the player must hunt, trade or pillage for supplies and materials in order to keep themselves fed, clothed, and healthy. With a focus on object physicality, these tasks are difficult to maintain alone, encouraging interaction with the humans who inhabit the world the players find themselves in. Different NPCs are better at certain tasks than others, and should be assigned to tasks accordingly. NPCs will develop relationships with each other based on interests, co-operative tasks, and other factors, which lead to scenarios of comradery, rivalry, affection and disdain. As time passes and NPCs grow together, families will form, babies will be born and elders will pass away. Life and its elements cycle on throughout gameplay, and affect the way the world is seen and the game is experienced.