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Wrack (Credits)

Final Boss Entertainment

Jack LoveCharacter Design
Albert IvanovInterface Design
Brad CarneyLevel Design
Remco ErnstLevel Texturing
Albert IvanovModel Design
Hani JModel Design
Jun ChoiModel Design
Remco ErnstModel Texturing
Denis IoninModel Animation
Hani JModel Animation
Maxime LebledModel Animation
Bobby PrinceMusic and Sound
Brett HarrellGraphics
Peter GromovGraphics
Remco ErnstGraphics
Brad CarneyGraphics
Brad CarneyProgramming
Jack LoveStoryboards
Remco ErnstStoryboards
Philip CantSpecial Thanks
Special Thanks to Foxysen
The End
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60 /100

Released: 2014

"Wrack is an arcade-style FPS that draws inspiration from classic games across multiple genres -- Doom, Contra, Mega Man, etc. -- that puts its own unique spin on things! Between its fun and unique gameplay, its...