X-Change 2

As the game unfolds, the player makes various decisions at set in the game. These choices lead to different interactions with the multiple characters throughout the game.

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Review: Artexjays Review

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The plot is very similar to the first one. The Main Character becomes a female again, then must find a way to return back to normal. While completing tasks and interacting with various characters most of them being new. The pacing is well done, although some of the scenes feel like they are being dragged on for longer than they should or just that there are too many adult scenes. The characters are well thought of, some of them are very likable although a few newer characters will just make you wish they weren't in the game to begin with. The story is so similar that there is barely anything original going on, some puzzles are original though even if they are annoying. The Story again is very linear and very easy to follow and understand. Length is much longer than the first game. In fact it's too long, by the middle of the game you will find yourself asking when will it be over.

Visuals are great same artist who created the artwork from the first game. Nicely done. Music is also well done even though i had a feeling that it was somewhat similar to the first game's soundtrack. The Sound FX sucks, its exactly the same as the previous one and gets super annoying after a while.

Being a Visual Novel the ease of use is great, click the button to progress and use the mouse to pick your choices. Due to the length of the game and the fact that the story is very similar to the first game lowers the replayability. There are still many different endings to choose from but the game long and somewhat boring at times.

Score Breakdown

Story- 5
Pacing- 7
Characters- 8
Originality- 2
Linearity- 10
Length- 4
Total Plot = 60%

Visuals- 10
Music- 7
Sound FX- 2
Total Presentation =63%

Ease of Use- 10
Replayability- 5
Total Mechanics = 75%

====Grand Total====


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