Like most visual novels, the majority of the game is spent reading the text onscreen which represents narration and dialogue. As the game unfolds, the player makes various decisions at certain points in the game. These choices lead to di...

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Review: Artexjays Review

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The Story is well thought out, a guy who turns into a girl. For a few days experiences the life of a girl attracting guys and even fooling around with some all while trying to return back to being a male. The pacing is great, nothing feels too long or too short. The main characters are all likable and there is quite a bit of character progression. The story itself isn't very original feels as though a lot of people would have thought of a similar type of plot making. Nothing was built upon the thought of "What if a guy became a girl". It is very Linear as it's a visual novel although the story does change depending on your choices in the game. The length is quite short which i found is great for games like these, it does not get boring and after completing the game it leaves you wanting more, enough to play the sequel.

The artwork is well done albeit old looking which is understandable considering the game was released in 2001. It does hold up well though. The music is nice fits somewhat well with what is going on on screen. The sound effects on the other hand aren't that great and gets quite boring over time good thing you can disable it.

The game is very easy to use no controls just reading and clicking a button when you're done or just using your mouse to pick a choice. I believe it is quite repayable as it's quite short and you can easily skip through everything you already saw/read.

Score Breakdown

Story- 7
Pacing- 9
Characters- 10
Originality- 6
Linearity- 10
Length- 10
Total Plot = 87%

Visuals- 10
Music- 7
Sound FX- 2
Total Presentation =63%

Ease of Use- 10
Replayability- 8
Total Mechanics = 90%

====Grand Total====


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