Xenogears follows protagonist Fei Fong Wong and several others as they journey to uncover the truth behind mysterious, cabalistic entities operating in their world. The principles and philosophies of Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud an...

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Review: Trtreibers Review

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I so so SO wish this game would've been finished the way it was intended to be. The obviousness of disc 2 being rushed is heartbreaking because otherwise this game, fully realized of course, might've been on par to compete with the lieks of FF7 or Chrono Trigger as the greatest JRPG of all time. Sadly, it is a beautifully flawed game that executes so much in it's story, characters, and epic scale themes that's it's hard to knock it in the end. Only real gripe I'd say is the random encounters could get MAD tedious at points, but otherwise evewrything else about this game is stellar beyond comparison. It deserves it's place in most true JRPG fans minds as being up there with the titans of the genre, despite it's unfortunate shortcomings. Amazing experience.

Score Breakdown

"The Tale"
Story- 9
Pacing- 6
Characters- 8
Originality- 10
Linearity- 5
Length- 7
Epicness- 10

"The Presentation"
Visuals- 8
Display- 7
Music- 9
Sound FX- 8

"The Mechanics"
Ease of Use- 7
Innovation- 8
Replayability- 7


Total score