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Xeodrifter (Credits)

Renegade Kid

Jools WatshamDesign & Art
Matthew GrambrellCode, Design & SFX
Roth SothyMusic
Matthew GrambrellMusic
Brian AltanoMusic
Michael VeroniAdditional Art
Gregg HargroveAdditional Art
Kevin CassidySpecial Thanks
Scott CardenasSpecial Thanks
Damon BakerSpecial Thanks
Jaime StemmermannSpecial Thanks
Carly StokkeSpecial Thanks
Donna CollianderSpecial Thanks
Vincent ChonSpecial Thanks
Anna SecretoSpecial Thanks
Kynan PearsonSpecial Thanks
Stephen DupreeSpecial Thanks
Brian DavisSpecial Thanks
Michael BurnsSpecial Thanks
Jonathan HigginsSpecial Thanks



68 /100

Released: 2014

Xeodrifter is an action-packed exploration game with a retro graphical style. Blast your way through alien landscapes, seek out valuable secrets, and defeat ancient guardians to unlock powers from a legendary supreme...