Age Rating for Yakuza 4

This is an "open-world" action game in which players assume the role of several Japanese gangsters in the Yakuza underworld. Players can explore the Tokyo streets, follow various storylines, and engage in barehanded street fights against other thugs and gangsters. Players punch, kick, grapple, and use katana blades and objects (tables, chairs, signs, etc.) to defeat human enemies. Cutscenes also depict violent acts, including a character getting stabbed in the face with a knife. Brief splashes of blood appear when characters are hit during hand-to-hand combat or wounded by gunfire. During the course of the game, players can visit a gentleman's club and a massage parlor: women in a revealing outfits are depicted dancing provocatively on poles; male/female masseuses sometimes pose suggestively and make comments such as "I might totally fall for you" and "You're such as perv." The dialogue also contains various sexual references (e.g., "Drama Queen's a tranny bar, sweet cheeks" and "The manager here is deeelicious . . . totally hetero. He's only into real girls."). The words "f**k" and "sh*t" also appear in dialogue.