When Youropa is torn apart, You must use your unique wall walking ability to navigate a strange fragmented city, restore it to former glory and learn who you really are. A platform puzzle paint adventure about breaking rules, being upsid...

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Tragedy has struck Youropa! The Eifel Tower is now…up in the air? Using your special powers to walk on any surface you set out to save the Eifel Tower by walking right up it. Explore a shattered cityscape and solve puzzles to move closer to your destination. With some brainwork, some skill, and perhaps a bit of luck you can help save the famous monument from this strange anomaly.

Youropa is a third-person puzzle/platforming game with a fun set of gravity-defying rules where you play as a Youropean and progress from one floating island to the next looking for doorways to the next level. Some doorways will need to be powered up, some are guarded, and others seem unreachable, but rest assured there is always a way and all you must do is think outside the box for the solution. As you progress you evolve your abilities, such as being able to run, jump, and other skills…each skillset designed to help you with your exploration and progression.

While the game is beautiful to look at, the real gem of Youropa is the playstyle. Looking for a solution in many games means simply looking around, but in Youropa you need to think a bit more and do some exploration as many of the solutions are cleverly hidden and many of the solutions have multiple parts to figure out as well. Finding out how to safely get to different places in the zone is just as fun as finding out what you need to do to move forward, and this made each level of Youropa a real gem.

The game is fun, but sadly there is no replayability besides the three difficulty levels and the workings of a system to build your own levels. While the technology is there for designing interesting and exciting user-created levels it is not intuitive nor is it fun to work. Perhaps, in the future, this will be a viable way to expand the life of this game.

Achievements are split into two main sections: story and collectibles with some special achievements for doing game-related things. None of the achievements are difficult and all achievements can be easily completed in one playthrough. The game has a plethora of collectibles and finding and getting these collectibles becomes a game within a game.

I found Youropa a fun experience and enjoyed it quite a bit. I found myself becoming excited every time I entered a new area and a sense of completion every time I figured out a puzzle and moved to the next level. The game does a great job in challenging you but not making it extremely difficult. I recommend Youropa to those who love platforming games, for those who like puzzle games, and even for those who just want to play something a bit different.

Positive points
  • Beautiful world,
  • Fun mechanics,
  • Engaging puzzles
Negative points
  • Limited replayability,
  • Short


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