Yume 2kki

Yume 2kki is the fanmade "sequel" to the popular RPG maker game, Yume Nikki. In this game, you play as a young girl named Urotsuki and explore your dreams, much like Yume Nikki. The goal of the game is to collect the Effects scattered th...

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Review: coral0excesses Review

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As a fan community game, multiple people are (STILL) working on it giving an eclectic worlds to wander. As a game, where the goal is to basically walking around looking for treasure, all those various styles help to make the game an unique (and sometimes creepy) experience.

Does it capture the charm of the original one? Not really, it is known as the best "sequel and fangame" of Yume Nikki but there is so much content between huge levels and collectibles that you feel overwhelmed as soon as the very beginning of the game. The feeling of beauty in the emptiness that gave Yume Nikki is absent here but the creepiness and the originality are still there.

By the way, from what I learn from the game community it's recommended to play the 0.113 version (which I did) because it has among the best worlds in the game before being removed since their creator exited the project.

The game is still in development but I don't think they aim to finish it (they just want to add more and more until nobody works on it anymore I guess...) so don't worry if you play the last version or the 0.113 it will still feel like a complete game.

Positive points
  • Creepy and artistic
  • A community keeping the game fresh
Negative points
  • Unfinished and will probably never be
  • Overwhelmed by the levels and collectible
  • Sometimes it feels like an edgy version of the original


Total score