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Releasing: October 06, 2016

A first person, 3D hack and slasher game. Its at prototype stage, where I'm mainly just trying to game balance the game, rather than making it have godly graphics(we'll see about that).

It was originally meant to be a flat shaded, zombie themed, apocalyptic-ish world, but that may change later on.

You kind of wield a sword of some kind(it was meant to be a chainsaw originally, now its more like a japanese katana), and you are thrown into this closed arena where waves of zombies try to kill you. You're meant to try and survive, and kill as many zombies as you can. You are armed with just a very, very powerful melee weapon, and grenades, health drops and wall pickups drop around you which you can collect and use. NOT to be mistaken for a open world zombie survival game like Unturned.

Feel free to make any suggestions, and banter about how many kills you got!

Made in the Unity 3D engine.