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Zombie Vikings (Credits)

Zoink Games

Klaus LyngeledCreative Director
Andreas BeijerArt Director / Game Director
Zach WeinersmithScript
Klaus LyngeledStory
Andreas BeijerStory
Hugo BilleProducer
Henrik Johansson2D Art
Stina Rahm2D Art
Kristian Sundin2D Art
Klaus Lyngeled2D Art
Andreas Beijer2D Art
Martin Rasmusson3D Art
Christian Kähkönen3D Art
Maria Norkvist3D Art
Maria Svenningsson3D Art
Ebba EdenströmAnimation
Martin RasmussonAnimation
Daniel DammAnimation
Kate OpicAnimation
Maria SvenningssonAnimation
Rasmus JarlProgramming
Patrik HäggbladProgramming
Kristian DamProgramming
Hugo BilleProgramming
Johan FröhlanderProgramming
Emil NilssonGame Design
Kevin AnderssonGame Design
Kristian JohanssonSound Design
Mikael ForslindPR & Marketing
Alexandra DahlbergPR & Marketing
Paulina LornéMarketing intern
Andreas MikkoProgramming intern
Tomas Kockum SpovinQA Intern
Signe DahlgrenMusic (Tenor Saxophone)
Joel Persson HaagMusic (Trumpet)
David EngvallMusic (Trombone)
Claes BengtssonMusic (Crazy guitar solo in the end of final boss fight)
Brjánn SigurgeirssonMusic (Vocals)
Joel BilleMusic (guitar, bass, drums & drum programming, percussion, baritone saxophone, accordion, piano, synthesisers, other keyboards and beatboxing)
Joel BilleMusic composed, recorded and produced
Special Thanks to Cloudberry for lending their studio

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE)

Shahid AhmadSupport
Lorenzo GrimaldiSupport
Spencer LowSupport
Ben AndacSupport
Rohan BangdiwalaSupport
Piermaria MendolicchioSupport


Andrew RobsonQA Managing Director
Jamie PendletonExecutive QA Manager
Harrison BakerExecutive QA Manager
Nathan HedleyQA Manager
Luke FramptonProject Manager
Charlotte WoolleyHead of Compliance
Thom CottrellCompliance Tester
Michael ColeCompliance Tester
Sophie ReidCompliance Tester
Hannah WattsCompliance Tester

Localize Direct

Michael SoutoLocalization Manager
Rodrigo Souza RamosLocalization Manager
Jenny RothmanLocalization Manager
Marc QuantinFrench Translation
Sergio MassaboItalian Translation
Frank ShroederGerman Translation
Ramón MéndezSpanish Translation
Kenji ShimizuJapanese Translation

Zoink Games

Alexander KurkimäkiPlaytester
Shahin MameghaniPlaytester
Isabella WestbladPlaytester
Alexander PaipalisPlaytester
Ian GutierrezPlaytester
Ylva LindströmPlaytester
Linus FalkPlaytester
Christoffer JohanssonPlaytester
Tobias KjällPlaytester
Emil DuveholtPlaytester
Felix RahmPlaytester
Ver TakeoPlaytester
Brjánn SigurgeirssonSpecial Thanks
Marco PoddaSpecial Thanks
Ulf HarteliusSpecial Thanks
Julius GuldbogSpecial Thanks
Fredrik HolmströmSpecial Thanks
Nellie JohanssonSpecial Thanks
SkyGoblinSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Kapten NemosSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Joe BirkbeckZoink Executive Officer
Paul HartlingZoink Executive Officer
Koen HensZoink Executive Officer
Bradley KragenZoink Executive Officer
Daniel KraußZoink Executive Officer
Michael MackayZoink Executive Officer
Christin PorzelleZoink Executive Officer
Simon PotticaryZoink Executive Officer
Mattias QvarfordtZoink Executive Officer
Nick RiddlePAX East Booth Master
Matt FoleyPAX East Booth Master
Dorothee RichardAccounting
Emmy HelanderSpecial Thanks
Viktor DamSpecial Thanks
Kristina HallbergSpecial Thanks
Caroline HellströmSpecial Thanks
Albin Hellström BeijerSpecial Thanks
Emma Olin SvenssonSpecial Thanks
Jacqueline ChristensenSpecial Thanks
Marie RahmSpecial Thanks
Johan RahmSpecial Thanks
Marcus FredrikssonSpecial Thanks
Johan NicklassonSpecial Thanks
Mimmi KähkönenSpecial Thanks
Christoffer BergSpecial Thanks
Luna, Alice, Penny (Special thanks)
Selma, Milky Way (Special Thanks)
Danny (Special Thanks)
Tetris, Tardis (Special Thanks)
Siska (Special Thanks)


SeagurdNo image
Maggot KingNo image
The North SeaNo image
King HooliganNo image
ThorNo image
Grandpa BorkNo image
Serpentanic CaptainNo image
Binocular ManNo image
DragonbearsNo image
Butterfly FansNo image
Bork SlavesNo image
Fishgaard ElderNo image
Skeleton’s BrotherNo image
FrenchmanNo image
Hellheim Denizen 1No image
RaybjörnNo image
GunborgNo image
Richside BratNo image
Bork SlavesNo image
Tiny MaggotsNo image
Caw-kaaNo image
Caw-kaa’s MotherNo image
Giant Toddler GorkiNo image
Princess KittyNo image
Fishgaard MotherNo image
Söcker Target HostNo image
Witch SoldiersNo image
HedgyNo image
Unburied SkeletonNo image
Gorki’s DadNo image
Big MaggotsNo image
Unicorn FansNo image
Molgaga’s BoyfriendNo image
Ice GiantNo image
Loki / StrangerNo image
Witch DoctorNo image
Fishgaard MobNo image
OdinNo image
WadeNo image
Commentator GorkNo image
Common ColdNo image
GhostsNo image
Bork SlavesNo image
Dead SoulsNo image
Butterfly DefenseNo image
Berzerker AnnouncerNo image
Frank the MaggotNo image
King FluffyNo image
InkyPinkyNo image
Hel’s Helper HenryNo image
Master SlappyNo image
Commentator SigvaldiNo image
Bork ProphetNo image
Prissy ScoutNo image
MaggotsNo image
Cat WarriorsNo image
Fishgaard MobNo image
Butterfly FansNo image
Bork SlavesNo image
Maggot MobNo image
Butterfly MascotNo image
Hellheim Denizen 2No image
Pebbles the DogNo image
BeaknoseNo image
GylfiNo image
GooeyfootNo image
Scout LeaderNo image
Snowman BuilderNo image
Butterfly DefenseNo image
Unicorn FansNo image
Maggot GuardsNo image
Bobby the MaggotNo image
RamonaNo image
Shop BoyNo image
Duck BoyNo image
RubellaNo image
Butterfly ForwardNo image
GnomesNo image
Shop GirlNo image
Blind WitchNo image
AdvertiserNo image
Nerdy ScoutNo image
MigraineNo image
Fishgaard MobNo image
Bork SlavesNo image
Maggot MobNo image
Worm PrinceNo image
AdvertiserNo image
Skeleton ActorNo image
Dressy ScoutNo image
Witch SoldiersNo image
Fishgaard MobNo image
Bork SoldiersNo image
Dead SoulsNo image
Commercial WarriorNo image
Serpentanica Cabin BoyNo image
RavensNo image
Duck GirlNo image
Piñnata MaggotNo image
Toughy ScoutNo image
Maggot GuardsNo image
Sally the MaggotNo image
Queen GunnilsaNo image
Hungover GiantNo image
Skeleton’s WifeNo image
Ski GnomeNo image
GnomesNo image
MachinistNo image
GnomesNo image
FrostbjörnNo image

Zombie Vikings

67 /100

Released: 2015

From the creators of indie smash hit Stick It to The Man! comes a new one to four-player co-op stab-you-in-the-gut-a-thon. Embark on a dead funny adventure with the Zombie Vikings. A putrid posse sent on a mission...