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Already released Worldwide [WW] on Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

RegionTime left until release dayPlatform
Worldwide [WW]Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
Worldwide [WW]PC (Microsoft Windows)
North America [NA]Game Boy
Worldwide [WW]Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Europe [EU]Atari Jaguar
Europe [EU]Game Boy
Worldwide [WW]PlayStation
North America [NA]Mac
North America [NA]Sega Game Gear
Japan [JP]PlayStation
Japan [JP]Sega Saturn
North America [NA]Atari Jaguar
Japan [JP]Game Boy


Fast-paced action-puzzle game where the player eliminates colored shapes that are approaching his alter ego, another colored shape, before they reach the top, ala Tetris. In order to eliminate the other shapes, you must point your piece at it and 'fire'. If the shape is the same color as your piece, the shape is eliminated, as well as all of the shapes of the same color behind it, until your piece hits a piece of a different color. If the shap... Read More

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