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This is my own beliefs, so if you don't like it...well...sorry! Also, I haven't tried that many. I like indie games with deep and clever stories, but I am not a fan of the new movement of retro/pixel graphics.

The Room

You should try these obscure free games

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Free games that are definitely worth your time. At least try them out.

Metal Slug 3

Favorite games

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Exactly what it says on the Tin.

Can change the moment the least you expect it. It also can (and does indeed) go on forever.
Not in order, I couldn't put one game over another. They are all amazing in its own way.

The Journey Down: Chapter Three

The CIGG list of games

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The official list of games created by members of CIGG.



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My Games


2D platformer games

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A list of 2D platformer games, recent and classic.


Bullet Hell

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Bullet hell favorites.


Greatest Videogames Soundtracks

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Nothing more, nothing less.
No constraints, no rules.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth


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U.F.O - Unfortunately Fortunate Organisms

Games by Rebourne Studios

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A list of video games developed by Rebourne Studios.


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