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Young Adult, Middle Aged, and Senior


2014 The Game Awards nominated forBest Performance

2015 British Academy Games Awards (BAFTA) nominated forBest Performer

I have access to a recording studio
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Book: Stephen King's "The Stand"

City: Oaktown baby! (Oakland, Ca)

Drink: Uh... Water I guess?

Film: Tie between Pulp Fiction/Goodfellas/Forest Gump (all released fairly close to each other (in terms of date).

Food: Cheeseburger

Song: Oh, far too many to name here!

Vacation spot: Belize

Animal: Human Beings (alternately my *least favorite animal as well) :(

Game: Probably the GTA series


Dream role/character you would like to voice act?
The Joker

Favorite character you voice acted?
Gotta be the sheriff (with Shaco a close second)!

Future goals?
Attain enough notoriety to have as many peoples attention as possible. Then use that visibility to try and change perceptions, and subsequently (hopefully) change the world for the better/alter the current (downright frightening, more so with each passing year) course that we as a species (of animal ;D) are currently on.

Your biggest inspirations and idols?
As far as voice over goes: Mel Blanc, The Jerkey Boys, my grandma and grandpa Garnett "Dixie" Kroeger & Charles "Bud" Kroeger. They each had amazing, totally unique voices (my voice is kind of a combination of the two). In fact "The Wolf Among Us"s Woodsman is based on Bud's voice and accent, and "The Walking Dead: The Game S1"s Andy St. John is based on the same for grandma (she was born and raised in Savannah Georgia and had a VERY raspy, deep voice for a woman. It was the most amazing, soothing accent I've ever heard :).

San Francisco, CA, United States
Currently living in
Las Vegas, NV, United States
Bigby, "WBA", Lil Guero