Scott Bradlee

Scott Bradlee is a professional in the game industry.

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Cover image for the game Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite (2013) ()

Arranded, Produced, Piano and Vocal Performance (Everybody Wants to Rule the World) (Irrational Games), Arrangement (Shiny Happy People) (Irrational Games), Piano (Shiny Happy People) (Irrational Games), Produced by (Shiny Happy People) (Irrational Games), Arrangement (Tainted Love) (Irrational Games), Piano (Tainted Love) (Irrational Games), Produced by (Tainted Love) (Irrational Games), Arrangement (After You've Gone) (Irrational Games), Piano (After You've Gone) (Irrational Games), Produced by (After You've Gone) (Irrational Games)

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