Amstrad PCW (Platform)

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The Amstrad PCW series is a range of personal computers produced by British company Amstrad from 1985 to 1998, and also sold under licence in Europe as the "Joyce" by the German electronics company Schneider in the early years of the series' life. The PCW, short for Personal Computer Word-processor, was targeted at the wordprocessing and home office markets. When it was launched the cost of a PCW system was under 25% of the cost of almost all IBM-compatible PC systems in the UK, and as a result the machine was very popular both in the UK and in Europe, persuading many technophobes to venture into using computers.

Release dates:
Operating SystemCP/M Plus; custom GUI operating systemCPUZ80 @ 4 MHz; speed increased in later models
Memory256 or 512 KBStorage
Online serviceOutput
Supported ResolutionsConnectivity

Games released on Amstrad PCW