Arcade (Platform)

An arcade video game takes player input from its controls, processes it through electrical or computerized components, and displays output to an electronic monitor or similar display. All arcade video games are coin-operated or accept other means of payment, housed in an arcade cabinet, and located in amusement arcades alongside other kinds of arcade games. Until the early 2000s, arcade video games were the largest and most technologically advanced segment of the video game industry.

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1971 (NA)
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The ALLS (Amusement Linkage Live System) is an arcade board created by Sega. There are multiple variations of the ALLS which include upgraded hardware specifications.

Mega Play

The Mega Play is the name of a JAMMA-based arcade board with the ability to run Sega Mega Drive games. It was the second attempt by Sega to bring the home console to the arcades, following the...


The NAOMI (New Arcade Operation Machine Idea) is an arcade system released by Sega in 1998. It was designed as a successor to Sega Model 3 hardware, using a similar architecture to the Sega...
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Sega System E

The Sega System E (セガ システム E) is an arcade platform produced by Sega between 1985 and 1988. It is based upon the Sega Master System hardware, using a Z80 as its main CPU, but with superior VDP...

Mega-Tech System

The Mega-Tech System is an arcade cabinet released by Sega in 1989, and Western counterpart to the Mega 6. It was based on the Sega Mega Drive home console, and was designed similarly to Nintendo's...

Nintendo VS. System

The Nintendo VS. System is an arcade system developed and produced by Nintendo from 1984 to 1990. It is based on most of the same hardware as the Family Computer (Famicom), later released as the...

Aleck 64

An arcade board with capabilities similar to the Nintendo 64. It was only released in Japan.


The PlayChoice-10 is an arcade system developed and marketed by Nintendo. Released in August 1986 as the successor to the Nintendo VS. System, the PlayChoice-10 was developed as a means to showcase...
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Sega System 1

The Sega System 1 (セガ システム 1) is an arcade platform officially debuted by Sega in 1983, based on earlier 1982 prototype hardware. It is a Z80-based platform and the first in the decade-long...


The Sega NAOMI 2 is an arcade board developed by Sega and is a successor to Sega NAOMI hardware. It was originally released in 2000. Since it uses similar NAOMI architecture (but significantly...


The Atomiswave, codenamed System X is an arcade system created by Sammy. Based on the Sega Dreamcast console, it was designed as a low cost system for stand-alone locations such as pubs, bars and...

Nintendo Super System

The Nintendo Super System (NSS) is an arcade system developed and manufactured by Nintendo. The system can play either one or multiple Super Nintendo Entertainment System games depending on the...

Sega Hikaru

The Sega Hikaru is a successor of the Sega NAOMI and Sega Model 3 arcade systems that was developed in 1998 and debuted in 1999. The Hikaru was used for a handful of deluxe dedicated-cabinet games,...
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Mark III Soft Desk 10

The Mark III Soft Desk 10 (マークIIIソフトデスク10) is an arcade cabinet designed by Sega and Coreland, which allows users to select one of ten Sega Master System (Sega Mark III) games. It is a "successor"...
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Mark III Soft Desk 5

The Mark III Soft Desk 5 (マークIIIソフトデスク5) is an arcade cabinet designed by Sega and Coreland. It is a (presumably) cost-reduced Mark III Soft Desk 10, allowing users to select one of five Sega...

Sega RingEdge

The Sega RingEdge (リングエッジ) arcade board is an arcade platform developed by Sega as one half of their Ring series (the other half being Sega RingWide). Both machines are based on PC architecture,...

Soft Desk 10

The Soft Desk 10 (ソフトデスク10) is an arcade cabinet designed by Sega and Coreland, which allows users to select one of ten SG-1000 games. It was only released in Japan.

Sega Titan Video

ST-V (Sega Titan Video) is an arcade system board released by Sega, in 1994 for Japan and 1995 worldwide. Departing from their usual process of building custom arcade hardware, Sega's ST-V is...


The Triforce (トライフォース) is an arcade board developed in a joint venture between Sega, Nintendo, and Namco. It is based upon the Nintendo GameCube video game console to reduce development costs, and...

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