Commodore PET (Platform)

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The Commodore PET is a line of home/personal computers produced starting in 1977 by Commodore International. The system combined a MOS 6502 microprocessor, Commodore BASIC in read only memory (ROM), a keyboard, a computer monitor and (in early models) a cassette deck for data and program storage in a single all-in-one case.

Release dates:
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Operating SystemCommodore BASIC 1.0 ~ 4.0CPUMOS Technology 6502 @ 1 MHz
Memory4–96 KBStoragecassette tape, 5.25-inch floppy, 8-inch floppy, hard disk
Graphicsmonochrome character graphicsSoundnone or beeper
Online serviceOutput
Supported ResolutionsConnectivity

Games released on Commodore PET

Release Date
Bridge Challenger1978
Commodore PET / Apple II / TRS-80
Dunjonquest: Temple of Apshai1979
Atari 8-bit / Commodore PET / PC DOS / Commodore C64/128 / Commodore VIC-20 / Apple II / TRS-80
Dog Star AdventureDec 31, 1979 (...)
Commodore PET / TRS-80
The Miser's House1981
Commodore PET
Roadracer Bowler1982
Atari 8-bit / Commodore PET
Tank Arkade1982
Atari 8-bit / Commodore PET / Commodore VIC-20 / TRS-80
Voyager I: Sabotage of the Robot Ship1981
Atari 8-bit / PC-8801 / Commodore PET / PC DOS / FM-7 / TRS-80 Color Computer / Apple II / TRS-80
Shootout at the OK Galaxy1982
Atari 8-bit / Commodore PET / Commodore C64/128 / TRS-80 Color Computer / Commodore VIC-20 / Apple II / TRS-80
Dnieper River Line1982
Atari 8-bit / PC-8801 / Commodore PET / Commodore C64/128 / FM-7 / Apple II / TRS-80
Planet Miners1980
Atari 8-bit / Commodore PET / FM-7 / Apple II / TRS-80