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The Sega Mega Jet (メガ ジェット) was a handheld game console that was a portable version of the Sega Mega Drive that was rented for use aboard Japan Air Lines flights and later made available at retail in 1994. It was only released in Japan.

At the time of its release, many planes in the Japan Air Lines (JAL) fleet had small LCD televisions installed into the armrests of each seat to entertain passengers; the Mega Jet was designed to help pass the time during long air flights. Users were able to bring their own Mega Drive cartridges, however it is reported that JAL stocked a limited selection of four titles on each flight. Two of the titles known to have been in JAL's rotation include Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II and the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

There was also an Alpine branded version for use with Alpine's in car color monitors. Model numbers "TVE-M005" and "TVE-M015" are listed as compatible monitors on the Alpine Mega Jet box. These models came bundled with Sonic 3, the Car Adaptor (originally compatible with the Game Gear), and an A/V cable compatible with Alpine's monitors. An additional Alpine manual and documents were also included.

The Mega Jet is a semi-portable system, meaning that the system and controller are integrated in a single unit, but it requires an external power supply and does not have its own screen.

Release dates:
1993-7-1 (JP)
1994-3-10 (JP)
Sega Genesis
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Other versions

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Games released on Sega Mega Drive/Genesis