Plug & Play (Platform)

Dedicated hardware are devices with built-in games. They are usually connected to a TV via cables, and may be powered by batteries.

The Plug & Plays are a subset of dedicated hardware which are usually identified for being only a controller which are connected directly to the TV.

Some dedicated hardwares have a cartridge/expansion slot, making them very similar to a standard console, but this is not their main purpose of being a self-contained device.

TV Game

Other versions

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A famiclone board, almost identical to the NES/Famicom except for its improved processor and better sound capability. It is mostly compatible with Famicom/NES emulators.
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A famiclone board, built on the NES core but with 16-bit/4BPP graphics. It is not compatible with most NES/Famicom emulators.
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The VT01 chipset was designed for early portable Famiclones, using an STN display rather than an LCD display. Because of this, the VT01 is of a lower quality than a standard NES/Famicom, not being...
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Almost the same as VT03, but with 32-bit/8BPP graphics; this chip is exclusively used by JungleTac.
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Features the ability to run multiple sampled sound channels. Some VT32 variants support NES/Famicom chip types uncommon in other Famiclones, such as MMC1 ("mapper 1") and UxROM ("mapper 2").

Games released on Plug & Play