Sinclair ZX81 (Platform)

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The ZX81 is designed to be a low-cost introduction to home computing for the general public. More than 1.5 million units were sold.

The ZX81 is equiped with 1KB memory, the operating system is driven by a Basic variant called Sinclair Basic. Programs or data can be stored on compact cassette's by connecting them to an audio output of the ZX81 (EAR).

The ZX81 has an Rf output to be connected to a TV and produces no sound.

Expansion modules exist like a 16KB memory expansion modules and a printer. Also many other thirth party expansion modules are developed, like better keyboard, printers and others.

Most commercial software like games or tools were written for use with a 16K expansion module.

The ZX81 is known as the Timex 1000 on the US market.

Release dates:
1981-3-5 (EU)
Operating SystemSinclair BasicCPUZ80 3.25 Mhz
Memory1KBStorageExternal Compact Cassette
Online serviceNoneOutput
Supported Resolutions256x192 pixelsConnectivity

Games released on Sinclair ZX81