Vectrex (Platform)

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The Vectrex is a vector display-based home video game console that was developed by Western Technologies/Smith Engineering. It was licensed and distributed first by General Consumer Electronics (GCE), and then by Milton Bradley Company after its purchase of GCE. Unlike other non-portable video game consoles, which connected to televisions and rendered raster graphics, the Vectrex has an integrated vector monitor which displays vector graphics. The Vectrex is monochrome and uses plastic screen overlays to simulate color and various static graphics and decorations

Release dates:
1983-5 (EU)
1983-6 (JP)
1982-11 (NA)
Operating SystemCPUMotorola MC68A09 @ 1.5 MHz
Memory1 kB (two 4-bit 2114 chips)Storage
GraphicsMOS 6522 Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA)SoundGeneral Instrument AY-3-8912
Online serviceOutput
Supported ResolutionsConnectivity

Games released on Vectrex