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Hey Guys, what's going on. I have been a member on this site for sometime. But as it was still under a lot of development for some time, I kind of forgot about which I am sad about. I would have loved to have help expand this website. But my has it come so far. I originally got invited back in 2013 to come to the site, but only visited it a handful of times, I tried to make due with it, however it was still buggy early on, so I left it be. I came back and like I said, It has improved immensely. I am very excited to still be apart of this small but growing site. Hopefully I will be welcome with open arms. But enough about that, My Name is Cole. I am 18 years old, currently in college and working. I have always loved video games and have often thought about entering the industry one way or another. Stepping stones.

21 years old

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