I'm a core gamer at heart with many years of interest put into playing action, RTS, MMORPG and adventure games. Mostly I'm into MMO games that have a roleplay storyline... One of the very first online games I played was Tibia; that was back in year 2002. I’ve tried dozens of games across various genres since then, usually playing for 1–4 months at a time before trying something else, mostly during the closed beta through open beta testing periods. I've put many years into figuring out my playstyle. One of my most notable traits is to take things slow so to enjoy it all. Have I ever been known to quit a game? Yes, but on a few occasions. Honestly, the only thing that kept me there was being able to play with my friends; they were the ones who quit first. Here I hope to discover like-minded individuals and perhaps share some of my gaming knowledge to ‘pay it forward’.

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