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Tetris (1986)

Since I started my Nintendo Career with a GameBoy and Tetris for my 10th Birthday, of course Tetris is the first game of the year for me.

Harvest Moon 2 GBC

Harvest Moon 2 GBC (1999)

I was unsure if I should put Pokémon Red/Blue or Harvest Moon 2 on my favorite game of the year 2001. The Pokémania hit me hard, but I didn't like the first Pokémon Gen that much (it even scared me at some points), so I prefer to declare HM as my favorite Game back then. I played it so intensively with my cousin, we even wrote our own fanfics back then!

Pokémon Crystal

Pokémon Crystal (2000)

I'm Pokémon Fan from the very first beginning and I liked the first Generation of Games. But I prefer the 2nd Generation over the first games (and over all the games following). The game made alot of things better than the first games like better controls and a better fighting system. Finally I could play a female Character! I enjoyed Johto with it's very different cities and the colorful world. This may sound stupid, but because of that bright colorful world, I prefer the GBC graphic style over the GBA graphics from Ruby/Sapphire and FireRed/LeafGrean. Overall: I spent lots of time with this game. To prove that, I will keep my save with 100 hours of play and the full Pokédex until the battery dies.

Pokémon Trading Card Game

Pokémon Trading Card Game (1998)

Yes, the Pokémania hit me very hard when I was a kid. I bought everything with Pokémon on it, simply everything, especially when it was in discount. I bought this game for fucking 7 Euro and the official Guide for 2,50 Euro. It was definitely worth for all the fun I had - and still have these days! It's just damn hard to win a duel in this game nowadays. Am I getting old?

Kuru Kuru Kururin

Kuru Kuru Kururin (2001)

Kuru Kuru Kururin was a very spontaneous purchase. It was in sale and otherwise I would have never bought it. I didn't expect that I would be stuck in this game for weeks. The principle is very simple: You play a stick (which should be a helicopter) through a colorful world of mazes and you aren't allowed to touch the frames, otherwise you'll lose a heart. I played the game so intensively that I imagined for weeks how to go through my house and the urban area with a propellor without touching any borders... It's one of the few games I completed till 100%...

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2002)

Unlike most Zeldafans, I am a fan of one of the least popular Zelda Games XD Why I love this game so much? First of all, it was my first Zelda. It's such a colorful game! Link is sooo cute! (Did anybody else watch his face making funny grimaces?) The controls in the game are perfect! I love the music! And in this game, Zelda isn't just the "princess" who needs to get rescued. She's a confident and cheeky pira- oh! spoilers! Plus: I actually had no problem with the sailing and triforce-collecting sessions...

The Sims 2: Open for Business
Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy (2007)

Back in 2007, I was very enthusiastic about the outer space, planets and the solar system. I read lots of books and learned everything about astronomy for myself. Mario Galaxy and its setting was coming just right in time, waking the "astronomy"-enthusiast in me. The orchestral soundtrack hit me hard as freshly baked video game music enthusiast - I enjoyed so much that the music was recorded with a real orchestra. It was revolutionary for Nintendo back then!


Ōkami (2006)

Anyone interested in Japanese Culture should give this game a try. Okami has a beautiful traditional japanese art style which makes you feel like you'd go through a living painting. I love that you learn so much about the japanese culture and tradition. The game also uses the Wii Controller in a pretty neat way: As a japanese goddess in the shape of a wolf you do not fight with your claws and teeth - instead of that, you "paint" your slashes and bombs. You can also paint the sun, the wind and much more...

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (2011)

After 2008 I lost interest in video games little by little and didn't play that much for a while. It was the first time I had enough of the same gaming principles again and again. Sure, the Wii produced lots of unique games, bust most games were just simple "touch games" and didn't suit me anymore. Also my mind changed at the university and I was searching for something more artistic and intellectually appealing. Sword & Sworcery was the first game I touched after a long time of not playing games and not buying any consoles anymore. I loved how the game designers played with the unique pixel art style - that retro style was a new thing back then. I loved the mysterious and artsy music which sounded very retro but so much better than any retro soundtrack I heard before. And the gameplay just reminded me of Zelda in some points.


Journey (2012)

Another artsy game that hit me hard was Journey, played on the PS3 of a friend. This Game is so simple. It has none of the game mechanics like other adventure games has: No sword, no level system, no rewarding system, no puzzles, no boss fights. And althrough you do nothing than walking through an endless area, it still such an intense game experience. Maybe it's the beautiful world you go through. Maybe it's the little story which you get to know from time to time. For me, it was especially the other character who suddenly appeared and accompanied you through your journey. A random guy or girl (nobody knows) somehwere in the world who just plays the game at the same time like you. You can't talk with him or her, but somehow you're bond together till the end of the journey.


Limbo (2010)

2015 was an important year of my gaming history. I finally went back to gaming. I got this game for my birthday - and fell in love with this game immediatedly. I loved the atmosphere and the level design so much! This game teached me that I will fail constantly, but I'll learn from it.

Lumino City

Lumino City (2014)

Since I didn't own a current console yet, I did my first steps back to gaming with indie titles that don't require high specs so I could play them on my Macbook. I could say "THANK GOD", because otherwise I would have probably never come in touch with this wonderful game! Lumino City got my attention for its extraordinary art style. Everything in this game is made of paper. You are a little girl searching for her grandfather who suddenly disappeared. It's a joy to explore the beautiful, colorful world with funny and weird characters and funny puzzles to solve. I enjoyed every minute of this game - and that doesn't happen that often.


Tearaway (2013)

My Game of the Year 2016.
End of 2016 I finally went back to portable gaming: I bought a PS Vita. Since then I'm in love with this gorgeous device!
Tearaway was an awesome start to begin with. I bought Tearaway because it looks cute and it might be a good start for my new PS Vita. But I did not expect that the colorful paper-world would put me in dream-like trance for the following weeks until I finished the game. The world is just beautiful, the possibilities of the Vita perfectly used - What I liked most was the camera feature which encouraged me to make photos like a tourist all the time - and SELFIES, woohoo! And there is so much to explore! Through the journey with the little messenger I felt like being part of a really meaningful story and shed a few tears at the end. Tearaway is brilliant. Just brilliant.

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian (2016)

My Game of the Year 2017
I've been waiting for this year for so long. SO LONG. Never thought that it would be finally released.
The best part for me was - althrough it was critisized alot by others - the KI of Trico, althrough it didn't respond to what I wanted all the time. But it created a strong bond with the little boy and the big bird-cat.

What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch (2017)

My Game of the Year 2018.
It has been a long time since a story has kept me thinking about it for so long.


That's me. Hurrah!

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