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Poly Bridge

Poly Bridge (2016)

Unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging and fresh bridge-building simulator with all the bells and whistles.
Enjoy hours of physics-based puzzle sol...

Snake Pass

Snake Pass (2017)

Welcome to Snake Pass; a physical action-puzzle game that sees the player slither, curl and climb their way through increasingly challenging worlds filled with ev...

Starlight Drifter

Starlight Drifter (2016)

Hundreds of years after the beginning of the interstellar age... Humanity now lives among the stars. But they were not the first. Many beings came before them. So...

The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker

The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker (2017)

"The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker is a horror themed murder mystery FMV game where you play as a therapist questioning patients. The game features the simp...


.projekt (2018)

Minimalistic puzzler about silhouettes from creator of Evo Explores


- 60 mind blowing levels and more to come…
- simple still very expressive ani...


Metrico+ (2016)

Metrico+ is an input-driven game in a world of infographics. All the bar charts, line diagrams and pie charts react to what the player is doing. The player has to...

Kingdoms and Castles

Kingdoms and Castles (2017)

Inspired by the SimCity series, Banished, and Stronghold, Kingdoms and Castles is a game about growing a kingdom from a tiny hamlet to a sprawling city and imposi...

Solar Gun

Solar Gun (2017)

Solar Gun is a first person puzzle game set it in an aseptic factory.

Infinite Minigolf

Infinite Minigolf (2016)

Explore thousands of holes created by the community, set new world records, participate in multiplayer competitions, customize your character with unlockable clot...

Micro Machines World Series

Micro Machines World Series (2017)

Micro Machines World Series will retain the manic social game play of the classic series, but will bring a new dimension to the experience with stunning HD visual...